Marcante Fondi - Production
 Marcante Fondi - Production


We make our ends using the full range of carbon steel (from S 235 JR to P 355 NH) and stainless steel (from AISI304-316- 321 to LDX 2101-2404 Duplex). As we only ever work with qualified suppliers, the materials used can always be accompanied by certificate of origin 3.1. Upon customer request, we guarantee the traceability of the material by stamping the cast number of the material used on the ends and providing all the necessary documentation for the manufacture of PED/ASME tanks.


In the event that an end can not be formed from a single piece because of the size, it is made using multiple metal sheets joined by welding. This welding is carried out in the locations permitted by the various construction standards for the tanks.

We can carry out welding with qualified processes and operators according to EN and ASME standards. Upon customer request, we can provide production coupons or certification of mechanical testing and nondestructive checks for these coupons carried out by a trusted mechanical workshop.


Our quality system requires different checks during the construction of our ends. Starting with the checks on incoming material up to the final dimensional inspection, we guarantee the suitability of our products for customers. On request, we can also perform all non-destructive checks on the welding, such as certified radiographic tests, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspections, etc.


If required by the customer and/or construction standards, we carry out all kinds of heat treatments on our ends, such as normalisation, relaxing, etc..

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